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Health Juice Centre 
Started in 1996

“Juices define us. No ordinary juices, but the blends are perfect combinations of fruits & flowers, gifting your senses a gust of aroma & taste.”

Health Juice Center is a hobbyhorse of Vilas & Sunil YashwantDongre. The Dongre brothers take inspiration from their father who was a fruit hawker.


Being born to a fruit hawkers family and brought up surrounded by varieties of fruits, they knew nothing but everything about fruits. When it was time to settle in life and do something big, the brothers couldn’t see beyond the nutritious and delicious world of fruits.

To take their passion for fruits to the next level, Vilas pursued BSc in Botany. This gave him in-depth knowledge about Plants, fruits, flowers and their properties.


He thought of combining them together to make unique combinations. This was the first brick that laid the foundation of Health Juice Centre.

At, HJC, our combinations are impeccable and so are our efforts to make them taste divine. Each one of our juices is a delight to relish and at the same time blessed with dietary properties. We go an extra mile to cater to you with one of its kind blends that leave an everlasting taste in your mouth. Each one of our juices is blended with perfection to deliver an incredible taste & the fragrance of the flower & fruit, which you taste in every sip. Ripe fruits when blended with blossoming flowers make a refreshing and delectable brew that we proudly serve you at our juice centers.

Besides serving authentic juices and shakes we also extend to you a rich menu of delectable sandwiches. With each bite of sandwich, you bless your taste buds with a tsunami of taste and delight. The freshness of the bread and the flavors of the fillings send you off on a trip to the heaven. You can choose your favorite sandwich and relish the tasty delight.

Our menu has a dedicated section to Bollywood classics.


Each juice on this section is a tribute to the Indian Cinema and thus named after them. Saathiya, Boom, Dhoom, Tiranga Shake, Kohinoor and much more, these are some of the Bollywood-inspired blends we serve our customer with a great sense of pride.


Our Juices will greet you with same taste & aroma throughout all our stores. This is because we extract our own syrups from fruits & flowers. Hsshh!! It’s our own little secret to magical taste.


We keep experimenting to deliver you the best taste & combinations from our kitchen. In the words of Vilas “We will always be unique as we are constantly experimenting. “

Why are we different?

At Health Juice Center, We ensure that we never compromise taste in the race of profitability and thus, pay particular attention to the authenticity of the ingredients.


We boast of our authenticity and proudly claim that each one of our products is made from 100% pure fruit and flower extracts. Our sole aim is to serve our customers with concoctions that are unique, tantalizing and blessing for the taste buds. The factors that differentiate HJC from the rest are our juices are NATURAL, ORGANIC, HEALTHY, LAB TESTED and last but not least the COMBINATIONS.

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