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Our Lovely Menus

We have more than 400 juices. At, HJC, our combinations are impeccable and so are our efforts to make them taste divine. Each one of our juices is a delight to relish and at the same time blessed with dietary properties.

Combos -Juices & milkshakes 

Laal Hara Milkshake

Rose Badaam Milkshake

Sangam Blossom

Strawberry Malaai

Chikki Badaam Milkshake

Kaju Anjeer

Strawberry Blaster

Zoom Juice

Orange Blossom

Strawberry Tripsy

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Top Juices

Boom Juice

Sathiya Juice

All Rounder Juice

Kiwi Punch Juice

Kaala Jamun Juice

Berry Berry Juice

Strawberry Deluxe Juice

King Blossom Juice

Strawberry Furang Juice

Strawberry Kiwi Juice

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Juices & milkshakes Combos

Sandwitches/Rolls and Waffers

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Pahadi Grilled Sandwich

Palak Corn Grilled Sandwich

Strawberry Ice-Cream Sandwich

Pizza Cheese Sandwich

Chilli Cheese Sandwich

Paneer Roll

Special Wafer

Veg Toast Sandwich

Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich

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Top Milkshakes

Tiranga Milkshake

Strawberry Blossom Milkshake

Sitafal Milkshake

Mint Milkshake

Hazelnut Milkshake

Pan Masala Milkshake

Bubble Gum Milkshake

Coconut Milkshake

Laal Pila Milkshake

Special Dry-Fruit Milkshake

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Our Top Juices and Combos

We go an extra mile to cater to you with one of its kind blends that leave an everlasting taste in your mouth. Each one of our juices is blended with perfection to deliver an incredible taste in every sip.

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